“Skrapper has to be as spontaneous as my art. Its a reflection of what is going on in my studio, and inside my head translated to wearable art. The personal philosophy of Skrapper will formulate its ‘style’.”
– William Quigley


“When asked about charities and giving back to society, William stated, “The Skrapper Philosophy is US Nationalism – integrity, respect and passion for a place that is too often taken for granted. To make everyone who is working hard towards something feel special and important!”
– Zink Magazine


“Quigley has an impressive frame of artistic reference and his ability to capture a subject’s intensity, laying their essence naked before us at emotional, physical and intellectual breaking point.”
– Zink Magazine


“Quigley paintings are raw, uncompromising, and sophisticated. Although the galleries are of high interest, most of the success surrounding his work came from ambitious, unconventional avenues that have led to selling hundreds of paintings. Not having the pressure of a market or specific style has allowed him to develop a body of diverse eclectic work that is as much about the process as it is the result.”
– NY Arts Magazine