Skrapper is…

-the brainchild of famed US contemporary artist William Quigley, who wanted to blur the lines of Art and Fashion – a line of lux Tees and Sweats emblazoned with Quigley’s recognizable art and snappy sayings create a limited edition piece of wearable art designed from the art of William Quigley. The ultimate in pulp fashion – wearable art meets commerce, yet in the most inventive and articulate way.

The Designs are a collective reinvention of Quigley’s artwork, which has been exhibited globally at galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Basel, Germany, India and Spain. His commissioned portraits and subjects include Presidents Clinton and Bush, Muhammed Ali, Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jordan, Mick Jagger, 50 Cent, Kobe Bryant, Eminem, Bruce Springsteen, Audrey Hepburn, Lin Manuel Miranda, Tom Brady, Keith Richards, Michael Jordan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Shaquille O’Neal, Johnny Cash and many other cultural icons.

Skrapper’s founder William Quigley began his artistic career right out of college in 1985 first showing at the McNeil Gallery in Philadelphia alongside Andy Warhol.

Asked if he would consider collaborating with other brands, companies to license his images globally, “Absolutely interested. It’s a compliment when asked. I’m happy the shirts and art have attracted other interests. I want to put most of the focus on the art, painting, and see where it leads. That said, every relationship is really about the dialogue, and message being sent. So If it excites me I may Bother.”

He continues to work in New York City, Los Angeles and East Hampton.